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Inflow makes hiring better. It's a platform that makes your process enjoyable for candidates while providing tools your team will fall in love with.

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Robust tools to help you at every step of the hiring process.

Hosted Job Board

A great way to create your own branded central location for candidates who are interested in your company to find the ideal role for them.


Add your own logo and colors.

Mobile Friendly

Many job seekers are using their phones, so we make this experience great!

Candidate Focused

Candidates will have their own portal to better manage their resume and application.

Applicant Tracking

Manage your interview process with ease.

Custom Questions

Understand your candidates better right from the start, making pre-screening simple.

Standardized and Customizable

Have a clear birds eye view of the status of every job with standard stages while still being able to customize your hiring process on a per job basis. The best of both worlds!

Interview Templates

Guide your interviewers to ask the right questions in each interview.

Team Collaboration

Hiring is a lot easier when done as a team! Invite others in your company to be interviewers and make it easy for them to provide their objective feedback on your candidates.

Feedback Scorecards

Capture feedback and ratings from interviewers to provide a clear understanding of your hiring team's perspectives on a candidate.

Roles and Permissions

Allow team members the access they need.

Get more applicants in the door with a branded job post

Make a strong first impression. We provide hosted job boards that you customize to match your company. By adding your logo and brand color, you be able to create a job board and unique job posts that fit right in with your other online presences.

Then manage the hiring process with your dashboard

After candidates apply, carry them through the hiring process with our applicant tracking system. Our tools will support you though every step—from initial phone screen to finial decision.

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We are building a hiring platform that will change the way you think about growing as a company. The first step is a great Applicant Tracking System but there is a lot more to share in the near future.

Inflow is currently in Private Beta!

We've had a lot of early interest in Inflow, so if you are interested in joining our Private Beta please let us know and we will respond as soon as we can!

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